About Me

I have been blessed with the gift of soothing, healing hands and a nurturing heart. Body work for me has become a natural extension to being a fine artist and clay worker, it connects me to a higher source and now offers me another medium. I am frequently asked why I chose to change to massage therapy especially after a successful 27 year career in the advertising industry as a Creative Director and Freelance Graphic Designer. I can tell you that working with people in a healing and therapeutic way is creative in itself and has always been a natural part of my personality and belief system.  It wasn't clear to me though until 11 years ago after going through a life altering change, that I wanted to consistently live a life style that supported my beliefs and allowed me to do work that fed my soul the way being a massage therapist does.

When you schedule an appointment with me, you will experience a high level of quality bodywork
as well as my natural intuitive touch and ability to connect with you. I tailor each massage or energy session to meet your individual needs and goals. My intention is always from the heart and it is with honor and gratitude that I work with you to facilitate relaxation, balance, well-being, and growth in your personal health. I am an ASHA (Academy of Somatic Healing Arts), graduate trained and certified in a variety of massage techniques and modalities including Swedish, Lymphatic for Detoxification, Neuromuscular Therapy, Sports, Foot Reflexology, Fertility Massage, and Pre/Perinatal Massage. I am also a light worker certified as a Hara Healing Practitioner, and a Reiki Master/Teacher and practitioner of the Japanese Usui tradition and lineage.


I have been on the receiving end of therapeutic massage and healing energy work for many years
and experienced first hand the profound changes it made to my life. It repaired my body and soul on multiple levels and continues to do so even today.


I am married to my musical and comical best friend and a grateful Mom to two special daughters. Additionally, I have a soft spot for women of all ages, and feel that I can offer added support and healing particularly to women survivors of trauma, mom's and the fertility challenged at whatever stage they're at in their growth.


I believe I was truly guided and led to this powerful profession as it has forever changed my life.

"Obstacles don't block the path.
They are the path. 

~ Zen Proverb